The First

Solvex 2018 & Hydrocarbons

International Conference on Solvents

(White Spirit) and Hydrocarbon


Asia Energy OTC

The Road Ahead,

Growth Prospects & Challenges

April 16th & 17th/2018

Dubai/United Arab Emirates

Mehrjam International Business Development, is proud to announce The 1st SOLVEX 2018 & Hydrocarbons which will be held in Dubai on April 16th & 17th 2018. SOLVEX 2018 will Provide Immense Information on Solvents (White Spirit) and Hydrocarbons & Relevant products, Featuring Asia Energy OTC in every aspect.

Join the participating company who are sending teams for Solvex 2018

Tehran Oil Refinery Company *Kermanshah oil Refinery Company *Tabriz Oil Refinery Company *Shiraz Oil Refinery Company *Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery Company *Esfahan Oil Refinery Company *Lavan Oil Refinery Company *Mofid Securities *Black Gold Trading Company *Kasra Bitumen Refining Company *Ayegh Isfahan Company *Ayegh Isfahan Company *Farashimi Rooz Company *Sebco International *Kia Middle East Energy Commodities *Kia Middle East Energy Commodities * West European Group  *Gulf Petrochem *Glencore International *Tristar - Group *Kite International *Renish Petroleum *Memaran Tejarat Aftab (MTA) *IRISL *Vitol *Vtti *Vasco Shipping Line and many many more

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Conference Agenda



  • Keynote 1: Solvents (White Spirit) Exports in Transformation, Return of International Oil Corporations
  • Keynote 2: Solvents & Hydrocarbon Pricing Policies & Supply and Its Impact on Bitumen Production & Costs
  • Keynote 3: Future of Iran Energy Sector
  • Keynote 4: Progress & Future Perspective for IRISL
  • Keynote 5: Solvent & Hydrocarbons – Competitiveness in Providing Sustainable Quality & Customer Support

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